Bunny Ears vs Round-the-Tree

Think way back to when you first learned to tie your shoelaces.  Were you taught to use the Bunny Ears or the Round-the-Tree method?

For the umpteenth time, I struggled with undoing the double knot on my runners. (I used the Round-the-Tree method, which meant tying a double knot. Otherwise, it would be more stop and less walk.)

Then, I remembered this TedTalk:

I tried it and the difference it makes is unbelievable. Who knew? Well, obviously Terry Moore did! 🙂

The tricky part is to remember to tie my shoes the Terry Moore way, but that’s for another post.

Give this a try and let me know if you notice a difference.


8 Responses to “Bunny Ears vs Round-the-Tree”

  1. That talk was so good, I now want shoes with laces so that i can try it.

  2. Love that Terry is indirectly recommending your site: “…a small advantage some place in life can yield tremendous results some place else.” 🙂


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