Nutcrackers – Not Just for Christmas

Use a nut-cracker to open water bottles and jar lids. It works so well, that I keep a second one in the car.

Even thieves recognise the value of this simple kitchen item!

When my car was broken into, one of the three items that was stolen was the nut-cracker.

Well, you can just imagine how the telephone conversation went when I made the police report…

– “A nutcracker? You don’t mean one of those Christmas nutcrackers do you?

– “No,” and then proceeded to explain what I did mean.

– “Oh, that’s a great idea! I struggle with water bottles, and I don’t even have arthritis!”

Thanks to Kathrin for the artfully-placed image of the Christmas nutcracker.

9 Responses to “Nutcrackers – Not Just for Christmas”

  1. I have been doing that for years!

    I also have a rubber mat called Mighty Grip ( Look under Products/Mighty Grip Jar Openers, site not built well) my Dad got as a promo item.

  2. My assortment of other “openers” does not include the Mighty Grip. I suspect, like me, you choose the one which will best fit the job.


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