Double-Duty Luggage

Laptop. LCD projector. Books. Props. Prizes. These are just a few of the things that I bring with me whenever I present at a conference or do a workshop.

I have tried many types of “wheels” to help me get whatever I’m transporting into the room. I am conscious about protecting my joints from the strain of all that heavy lifting and about conserving my energy for what I’m being paid to do.

Even if I’m not going anywhere, at least my luggage is! Everything I need to bring with me, fits in quite well. On the rare occasion that the room I am trying to reach is only accessible via the stairs, I am able to wheel my worldly belongings up behind me.

A big thanks to Kathrin for the artistic layout and for providing the instructions on how to do this.

13 Responses to “Double-Duty Luggage”

  1. I have a bit smaller version of your rolling suitcase that I got from Zellers I think.

    Also, London Drugs carries a foldup “cart” that is the size of about a briefcase when folded up. Has an extendable handle like the suitcases. Best $20 I ever spent! (wait for it to come on sale) London Drugs Folding Trolley Box – Black/Grey

    • I think I’ve seen the ones you’re talking about. They’re approximately the size of milk crate – for those of us who still know what that size is! LOL!

      Thanks for sharing and offering up more options to my readers!

  2. Very smart! And another great awareness post. We live in such a mobile society that I always find this subject fascinating. Thank you!

    For my job, on occasion, I travel from one office campus to another and since I’m always on the quest to travel lighter I have given much thought to the necessity of portability. Which I find is very similar to searching for that perfect sunset – daily changing and daily perfected.

    Finally, I would like to share a recommendation from one of my clients as a possible suitable option – a portable office on wheels 🙂

  3. I could not live without my luggage on wheels. The office on wheels looks like fun, mind you it might be awkward to take it with you when driving to a venue.


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