Thirsty Towels

Those fluffy and thick towels may be luxurious, but they’re not that much fun when you have trouble gripping.

Now imagine them dripping wet and heavy, as you wade through the water they’ve sucked up while doing their intended job or when transferring them from the washing machine to the dryer, or hanging them on the line, or …

There are two types of towels in our linen closet – the for-everyone-else towels and the for-me towels.

Image courtesy of Lotus Head.

3 Responses to “Thirsty Towels”

  1. I use a towelling dressing-gown as my walk in towel and a hand towel to dry my legs. Post hip op, I set the hair dryer on medium heat and trained it on my feet to dry between my toes!

  2. All great ideas, Grannymar!


    Post hip op, I didn’t hair-dry, I air-dried! 🙂


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