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November 1, 2011

Readers’ Roundup of Resources

This seems like a good time to thank and applaud the following readers who participated in the “blogversation”.

Casper provided this out-of-the-box office link here.

S. Emerson made the following suggestions:

On this postGrannymar suggested that a shoe horn makes a great sock remover.  On Thirsty Towels, she explains what goes on behind her closed (bathroom) doors.

Beth Havey posted praise for pillows on My Perch, proving that they’re useful beyond the bedroom.

On All You Gotta Do Is Ask, Chanone Sanders informs us that there is now a snap-lid medication bottle available at some pharmacies.

DorleeM reminds us that this home-made device is a great tool for anyone who has hand impairment. She also has Maarten pondering about an easy way to open those tricky necklace clasps.

Kathrin reminds us  that small advantages can lead to big results,  as demonstrated by Terry Moore in this post.

One of my objectives with this blog is to provide the reader with small advantages that may not necessarily always have big results, but results in a greater ease of movement – a greater deal of ease of living with a disease that is often far from easy.

You’re welcome to join in and offer your t.o.s.t.s. (tips, opinions, suggestions, tricks and strategies).

Applause to Pryam Carter for this apt image.

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