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November 5, 2011

How Not To Be Bored During Your Recuperation

Your joint replacement surgery is done. As the weeks progress, the pain lessens. But while you wait for the bones to fuse, you’re still stuck with that three months of recuperation time.

How do you prevent yourself from going crazy from boredom? After all, there is only so much daytime television you can bear to watch! Isn’t there? 🙂

The strategy I’ve used nine-fold, is to learn something new. When curiosity is aroused, the time passes quickly, or at least, quicker!

During both hip replacements, I knit and knit and knit – enough dishcloths for everyone that upcoming Christmas!

Before your surgery, make a list of the things you might like to do or learn during your recuperation. Of course, expectations need to match ability; this is dependent upon the type of surgery you’re having. Assemble what you need prior to your surgery, so you’ll be ready to start when you’re feeling up to it.

Here are a few more suggestions:

  • work through that long reading list
  • crochet
  • paint
  • practise calligraphy
  • try carving
  • master a computer program
  • get to know your cell phone
  • teach yourself the basics on the harmonica or the guitar
  • pull out your recorder from elementary school and play
  • practise a second language.

Did you also know that boredom activates the stress response? When you’re stressed, you impact your healing and decrease your resistance to infection.  Stress dampens natural killer cell cytotoxic activity. NK cells affect the immune system and provide protection from viral infections and cancer cells.

Your turn. What have you done post-surgery to prevent yourself from the litany of “I’m bored”?

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