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November 7, 2011

Sitting Still Stiffens Self

Sometimes I pay dearly…

If I’m not careful and conscious, I can spend too much time working away on something (like this blog) on the computer.

Strained eyes, stiff neck and when I get up, protesting knees.

I have opted to carry out a new strategy. I am going to get up every half-hour hour, with the intention of easing eye-strain, neutralizing neck pain and kneading knees with movement.  It could be anything from dusting the coffee table, to getting the mail or chopping some veggies. I may even put on some music and do a little dance!

Movement also helps you with learning, problem-solving and creativity.

How about you? Which strategies do you use to make sure your sitting still doesn’t stiffen your self?

If that isn’t reason enough, here’s another one: Sitting Linked to Cancer.

Thanks to Michael Zacharewski for the image.

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