Sitting Still Stiffens Self

Sometimes I pay dearly…

If I’m not careful and conscious, I can spend too much time working away on something (like this blog) on the computer.

Strained eyes, stiff neck and when I get up, protesting knees.

I have opted to carry out a new strategy. I am going to get up every half-hour hour, with the intention of easing eye-strain, neutralizing neck pain and kneading knees with movement.  It could be anything from dusting the coffee table, to getting the mail or chopping some veggies. I may even put on some music and do a little dance!

Movement also helps you with learning, problem-solving and creativity.

How about you? Which strategies do you use to make sure your sitting still doesn’t stiffen your self?

If that isn’t reason enough, here’s another one: Sitting Linked to Cancer.

Thanks to Michael Zacharewski for the image.


8 Responses to “Sitting Still Stiffens Self”

  1. Drink lots of coffee or water so you HAVE to get up. (smiles)

  2. So you are doing a little “dance”! 🙂

  3. I got the Rheumy to write me a script for an electric sit-to-stand desk for work. At home, I stand with laptop on kitchen counter, or perch on the edge of a stool. I avoid all soft, cushy places – sofas, chairs, beds. I need to keep moving all day, or be vertical on a hard bed.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate your taking the time to comment; not just once, but twice! 🙂

      Do you happen to have a link for the electric sit-to-stand desk that you use that I can share with my readers?

      Those soft, cushy places are anything but soft and cushy for those of us who struggle with mobility. I like a firm mattress, just like you do, too.

  4. Hi Marianna,

    Don’t have a link to my desk, it’s part of the office furniture line they use at work, and doesn’t seem to have a label. Googling sit-to-stand desk will come up with lots of options. I do know it cost around $1000. A quick google search shows a variety of price points.

    Good luck.

    • Thanks for making your way back here, Wovensongs (sorry, I don’t know your name).

      Those key-words will be useful for employers/employees researching that office furniture.


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