These Boots Are Made for Removin’

Since the forecast called for mushy, muddy and otherwise, monstrous conditions, I forwent my running shoes in favour of my hiking boots.

Getting the boots on is one thing, removing them is quite another. Suffice to say, my feet were as comfortably swaddled as a newborn.

Who will get down on bended knee and pull off these boots?

With no Charming Prince in sight, the door sill worked wonders.

3 Responses to “These Boots Are Made for Removin’”

  1. Try using the long handled shoe horn. Push it inside the back of the boot behind your heel and PUSH!

    looking at those boots, I wonder if you have tried these laces I use them in my hiking boots.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Grannymar. That long-handled shoe horn of yours is multi-purpose. 🙂

      I’ve never tried the curly laces. I like my shoes and boots to be tightly-tied. Will these laces do that?


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