In my role as Auntie Stress, I am often shaking a lot of hands at networking events.

From an early age, my parents taught me to use a firm handshake. As much as I like the idea of this, I’m afraid that I can no longer do it.

In fact, I now dread a firm handshake, as it causes me excruciating pain.

My sister suggested that I wear one of my splints whenever I go an event where handshaking is involved.

As people often don’t notice the condition of my hands, the splint serves as a visual reminder for the handshakers to go easy.

2 Comments to “Handshaking”

  1. I am fond of a strong grasping handshake. I now need to rethink it! Mind you when I meet and greet these days I tend to go for a hug!

  2. Could you imagine if instead of a handshake at a business meeting, I gave everyone a hug ! 🙂

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