Grannymar Shares Her Gadgets

On Think P.C., I discuss the importance of joint preservation.

To that end, use gadgets or tools (kitchen, garden, work) that are ergonomically designed.

When I was first diagnosed thirty-four years ago, it was rare to find implements that helped to make life manageable and as a result, less frustrating. More often than not you had to make do or ask for help. If you wanted something special, you had to have an occupational therapist build it or add on to it.

Considerable progress has been made by many companies, although I can still see room for improvement. (I’m willing to accept offers to test your gadgets and tools, or to  make recommendations, if you’re looking for an in-the-field/house/garage/work… user! 🙂 )

Grannymar, a delightful tale teller, recipe sharer and a witty Irish wanderer shared some of her gadgets in this post: Anybody seen my gloves?

If you are you adding to your toolbox or gadget drawer, you may wish to consider:

  • the weight
  • the construction
  • the thickness of the grip
  • the ease of use
  • whether you can try it out in the store
  • the return policy of the store where you made your purchase
  • checking with an occupational therapist for recommendations.

4 Comments to “Grannymar Shares Her Gadgets”

  1. Thanks Marianna for the mention and link, We all help each other by sharing tips on how to make life easy.

  2. Using some rubber-coated tape or hockey tape around any handle to make it bigger or less slippery.
    You could also put a rubber band round a doorknob to make it easier to turn without having to squeeze too much

    (Lee Valley Tools has rubber-foam tape)

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