Slip, Sliding Away

It happened so quickly. One minute I was happily singing away in the shower. The next, I was gingerly checking to see that all my parts were still moving as they should be moving.

A visit to a relative’s home, an ineffective shower mat and water equals a recipe for disaster.

Think safety in the bathroom. For everyone. Purchase a good quality rubber tub mat or paint the bottom of your tub with a non-slip coating.

Image courtesy of Pam Roth.

6 Responses to “Slip, Sliding Away”

  1. This is so true and we all tend to under-estimate the frequency of accidents in the bathroom. In fact, as I recall, a high percentage of home accidents occur specifically in the bathroom.

    I just looked this up and saw 70% of home accidents take place in the bathroom and that “Slip and falls account for over 20,000 fatalities per year in North America. It is the second leading cause of accidental death and disability after automobile accidents.”

    In short, it is a good idea to heed your advice to stay safe!

    • The sad thing about that particular fall was that there was a tub mat in place – it gave a false sense of security since the suction cups were only plastic, which meant that they didn’t suck – in the true sense of the word! 😉

      Thanks for the link, Dorlee.


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