(Bad) Habit – Be Gone! – Part 3

Often, a habit is formed in response to how it makes you feel. For example, you may be upset over something. You might ________________ (eat, drink, smoke, bite your nails, exercise, clean, etc) and you notice, usually unconsciously, that you feel better.

The next time you feel similarly bad, you remember, consciously or unconsciously, that when you ________________ (ate, drank, smoked, bit your nails, exercised, cleaned, etc.), you were soothed. Repeated often enough, the neural pathways are forged, and so begins a habit.

How to change a habit:

  1. Develop your awareness.
  2. Gain knowledge about when you do the habit and what to do instead.
  3. Practise your “insteads” – changing your heart rhythms by changing how you feel. For example, revisit a place that gives you a sense of awe or ahhh! It is important to know what it feels like when your heart rhythm smoothes out. (I can help with that.)

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Image courtesy of Michael.

7 Responses to “(Bad) Habit – Be Gone! – Part 3”

  1. Great plan for getting over a bad habit, Marianna 🙂


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