Grip, Don’t Slip

Slippin’ and slidin’ may be fun when you’re young, but not so much when a) you have artificial joints, b) you have rheumatoid arthritis.

Fortunately, out here on the coast, that is not too much of a worry.

We have, however, had icy days when sidewalks and parking lots resemble skating rinks.

This is a recent addition to my winter wardrobe. I’d say, “Simply slip them on to your shoes,” but the fact is, if your hands are like mine, you’ll need help stretching these on to your shoes or boots.

Fashionable, they are not, but then, neither is a splayed-out Marianna!

Update: Grannymar mentioned them. Now, thanks to P., I am able to provide you with a link to some “hand-friendly” anti-skid safety soles.

5 Responses to “Grip, Don’t Slip”

  1. Great idea, I bought a pair last winter they have Velcro closings across the instep and round the ankle. They look better than the woollen socks I used over my shoes and boots before that!

    • Grannymar,

      Socks! That’s something I’ve never seen. A creative solution to an icy situation.

      Those velcro closings sound a lot more practical! Do you happen to have a link, please?


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