The Lunch Table – Choose Wisely

Choosing your lunch table is as important as choosing what you eat for lunch. You may be placing an order for something you didn’t want.

A good mood may quickly dissipate when you choose to sit at the Complainer’s Table at lunchtime – you know, the one where the boss stinks, the government sucks, gossip reigns and the world is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Constant complaining is a highly infectious virus. It can cause a drastic change in your mood, infecting you by dressing you up in stress.

As you flounder in the pool of negativity, your body responds with a cascade of fourteen-hundred chemicals – that’s the stress response that has been elicited., although technically, there is no real threat to your life. The stress response is an inherited , pre-historic function that was necessary for survival.  Woolly mammoths, sabre-toothed tigers, oh my!

How you think and feel impacts the chemical cascade. Your beautiful body is responding accordingly.

Just as you have a choice of where to sit at lunchtime, you have a choice of how you think and feel. The great news is that you can learn and practise a new, healthier way of thinking and feeling.

Hint! It has to do with the heart.

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4 Comments to “The Lunch Table – Choose Wisely”

  1. I am a great believer in the laughter table. The world is full of professional moaners and I never want to become one. We all have aches, pains and worries but an hour in cheerful company certainly makes life much better.

  2. I am in total agreement with you, Marianna 🙂 It definitely pays to spend your free time with friends who cheer you up and who are your encouragers; they are the ones who will make you feel better and make you laugh. You feel rejuvenated and not depleted (or depressed) when you leave them…

    • Dorlee,

      There are times when the talk is heavy, but a steady diet is certainly not advised.

      A comedienne, I am not, but the way I figure it, is that every comic needs an audience. 🙂 (If a joke is cracked, and no one hears it …;) )

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