Seeing the Light


It’s been my experience that the first week post-surgery is the toughest to get through.

Then, like the incremental increase in daylight that we’re observing in the Northern Hemisphere, each successive week brings a noticeable improvement in healing.

There’s less pain and more gain, as you see an increase in energy, strength and interest in resuming normal activities.

Always be sure to get the all-clear from your doctor before you wholeheartedly step into those activities!

Image courtesy of  Linnéa Pipping.


2 Comments to “Seeing the Light”

  1. As always, Marianna – you give such wise advice! Taking the slow but safe route sounds like the healthiest route to a full recuperation.

    By the way, I love this picture! Where was it taken? It looks so pretty and fairy-tale like 🙂

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