Pool Shoes

Dive in. Jump in. Climb in. Climb out.

I rarely go barefoot for two reasons:

  1. Thanks to my second hip replacement, I am now off-kilter by about a half-inch. So, in order to be “on-kilter”, I wear a shoe with a lift.
  2. Without the cushioning of a shoe, my feet hurt. Quite a bit.

So, I have dedicated shoes for the pool, which I leave at the pool’s edge.Since the pool I usually frequent has a ramp, my pool shoes remain at the pool’s edge, just like a faithful pair of puppies.

However, I have been to some pools without ramps (Tsk! Tsk!). My tender tootsies are thankful when I use my pool shoes for both climbing in or out of the water. What am I saying? I usually jump in – when once I would dive in – so I only use them on the exit.

Which brings me to my exit. See you tomorrow!

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