A little pre-trip preparation goes a long way to taking out the guessing for your appointment. Thinking beforehand about what to take and how to get where you’re heading can make all the difference as you negotiate the maze…

To prepare for your appointment:

  1. Read Emotional Management in the Waiting Room.
  2. Follow any special instructions that you may have been given.
  3. You can usually find a map of the hospital on the internet. Plan your route both to the hospital and at the hospital.
  4. Bring your medical card.
  5. Be sure to bring all the contact information you have, including the name of the doctor, the nurse or receptionist, plus their phone numbers.
  6. Double-check your appointment time.
  7. Consider bringing a book to help pass the time. (When I taught, I often brought my marking with me.)
  8. Unless you’re not allowed to eat or drink, a bottle of water and a healthy snack will help keep you hydrated and prevent that dip in blood sugar levels.
  9. Wash your hands. Often.

These tips may seem common-sense, but the stress of the situation may distract you from being as organized as you normally would be.

Image courtesy of Melodi T.


2 Comments to “A-mazed”

  1. Great information. Be prepared is key. Beth

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