The Road to Despair – Not Going There!

When I reflect back and look at all the things I could and would do before rheumatoid arthritis had its way with me, I think how easy it is to take that Road to Despair. Each and every day, I practise techniques that keep me on the right road – the one that is not filled with anger, frustration, regrets and depression, which are some of the hallmarks of stress. I’ve been down that road and the scenery ain’t pretty – it’s a rough road and one that is difficult from which to return.

I know that stress only exacerbates my symptoms. I know it in my heart. I feel it in my heart, my head, my body. Did you know that he inflammatory response is impacted by stress? (Oh, if only to know then, what I know now about stress. I can’t help but think that my joint damage would not have been so significant. On the plus side, apart from RA, I’m thankful that I’m doing well, health-wise. RA is more than enough to handle! I’m encouraged to continue undressing my stress.)

Do I like what has been lost? No. Do I accept it? Yes. Therein lies the end of suffering – another symptom of stress. Do I work at controlling the things I can control? Yes.

Now, for a peek at the fun stuff I used to do . . .

6 Responses to “The Road to Despair – Not Going There!”

  1. Mobility and movement is and always will be an important key to health. YOU GO GIRL! Beth@BoomerHighway


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