Supplement Wary

Image courtesy of Luis Francisco Cordero -

At various points in your life, you may be lacking in nutrients, due to any number of factors. This post is more about reminding you to respect the power that lies within that capsule, tablet or drink. Do keep in mind that vitamins, minerals and other assorted supplements can be beneficial,  but can also come with side-effects.

Perhaps, you’ve developed a rash. Maybe your heart is racing, or you’ve noticed tingling in your legs. One of the first things to consider is whether you have added a new supplement to your daily regimen. You may forget to make the connection between your new symptoms and your supplements.

For example, someone I know once reported symptoms of dizziness and nausea after being on zinc. The symptoms disappeared after the zinc supplementation was discontinued.

Not all supplements are created equal, nor do they always agree with your medication. You may not even need supplementation, dependent upon your diet and your lifestyle.

If you’re considering something new, check it out with your team – licensed health care provider, rheumatologist, pharmacist.


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