Gadget Tuesday Giveaway: A Gripping Tale—er —Tool


All you need to know is that the Mightigrip Jar Opener works! Well, at that.

It was sent to me by the generous people at Starfrit (thank you!), along with the 2 in 1 Peeler, which was last week’s Gadget Tuesday offering. (Did you leave your comment there?)

The Mightigrip Jar Opener works by a twist of the dial. Three prongs advance to securely grab the lid. Presto!—you’ve opened your jar. If I could make one design change, it would be to make the handle even thicker than it is.

With any jar opener, it can be difficult to hold the base of the jar while twisting the top. I have found a solution. I place the jar in a plastic grocery bag which is draped open across my knees. I then sit down and  use the big muscles of my legs to squeeze the jar while I operate the opener. (If you don’t want to change your pants, be sure to use the plastic bag. Trust me.)

The scoop on the  giveaway:

Today’s Mightigrip Jar Opener is the second of four Starfrit kitchen gadgets that will be winding their way to one lucky person at the end of the Gadget Tuesday series. Comment on all four posts for four entries. If your name is drawn from the hat, you will receive the 2 in 1 Peeler and the Mightigrip Jar Opener, plus two other items, courtesy of  Starfrit. (I’m curious. Did you guess that this would be one of the items featured on Gadget Tuesday? Please visit Starfrit to see if you can guess what the remaining two items will be. 😉 )

For one entry, please answer the following question: Tomatoes and/or tomato sauce – jarred, canned or fresh? 

You still have time to answer the question on “Peel Potatoes, Peel Potatoes . . . .

Stay tuned for other ergonomic labour-saving tips – and questions – over the course of the next few weeks. Be sure to keep those comments coming.

This offer is open to anyone with a Canadian or U.S. mailing address.

26 Responses to “Gadget Tuesday Giveaway: A Gripping Tale—er —Tool”

  1. Your gadget giveaways are such a wonderful way to help those of us with RA to cope better in our daily lives. thanks!

  2. I tend to use either canned or jarred tomatoes/tomato sauce, depending on what the receipe calls for.

  3. Tomatoes I tend to get fresh. Sauce I tend to get jarred. That’s how I roll.

  4. Well, if you’re asking my preference I’ll always choose fresh. I try to grow tomatoes every summer, and can what we don’t eat or give away. But when I run out, it’s usually canned.

  5. Fresh tomatoes to eat and cook with, while for sauce I tend to buy a jar of my favourite store brand.

  6. Ask an Italian about tomatoes …. well, don’t tell my mother, but I quite often rely on canned tomatoes for the sake of time and availability when cooking. Anything fresh like a salad, it goes without saying, “you gotta finda nicea pomodoro” 🙂

  7. We use canned tomatoes for pasta dishes but love our fresh tomatoes with olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing for an appetizer. Love Starfrit! Hmm….Deluxe Rotary Grater and Supreme Slicer would be wonderful tools for sore hands! 🙂

  8. fresh tomatoes!

  9. tomatoes, fresh!

  10. I prefer fresh tomatoes

  11. I prefer fresh tomato sauce.

  12. Fresh right out of the garden.

  13. I LOVE fresh, homegrown tomatoes stewed into a yummy sauce. When I can’t enjoy that little luxury, I typically use my favorite jarred product. Fresh is always better, though!

  14. A freshly peeled tin of tomatoes once sneered at my hand and took a bite out it. Since then I grow my own 🙂

  15. We have switched to jarred, strained tomatoes. Diverticulitis causes us to need to avoid seeds.

  16. Whereas I love homemade tomatoes sauce, I can’t make it anymore. I rely on jarred tomato sauce which seems somehow fresher than that in cans. But the jars are hard to open, so this device would be useful.


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