La Passeggiata

There is a wonderful Italian custom known as La Passeggiata, or “little walk”, which occurs before dinner. (In Italy, the custom is to eat dinner at a later hour than what we do in North America.) It is an occasion to stroll, visit, see and be seen.

One of the marvelous aspects of culture is that it can be adapted. Why not cultivate your own passeggiata, whether it be before or after dinner.

It doesn’t have to be for long, or for far, but it should be regular. Cultivate the passeggiata habit, reduce that inflammation, reconnect with your family, friends and neighbours and partake in a mini cultural exchange. You could even drop by your local barista’s and say “Buona sera! Come stai?” (Good evening. How are you?)

Image courtesy of Revati Upadhya.

11 Responses to “La Passeggiata”

  1. love this idea! I tend to do it with my dog now but I will spread the word to my neighbors!

  2. When we were stationed in Germany, we would often do this AFTER the evening meal. We tended to eat early because food bothers me if I eat too late at night. The German towns offer so many delights with fountains and gardens springing up in the most unlikely of places. I miss those days. Thanks for the memories!


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