Head Restraint

A Wikipedia search for “headrest” revealed “head restraint”. I don’t know about you, but head restraint sounds rather ominous to me.

The first patent for “headrest” was granted in 1921, but the U.S. didn’t  mandate them to be installed in all new cars until 1969, but only in the front seats. (I guess those passengers in the back didn’t matter. And what about people who ride on school or city buses?) Anyway, before I go off in a completely different direction than the one I intended . . .

You’ve taken care of the driver’s seat and you’ve appropriately adjusted the steering column. You’ve also added blind-spot mirrors and changed your interior rear view mirror.

Is your headrest adjusted to the proper height? If not, please ensure that it is; the head rest/restraint is there to help you minimize the effects of whiplash. If it is positioned properly, it can also help you maintain good posture while driving. (I am surprised at the number of drivers I still see who have not pulled up their headrest.)

As I was meandering Gretel-like down the gingerbread internet trail, I came across this innovative type of headrest which sounded like a great idea. I’m not so sure, after reading the comment.

Do you have a car with an active headrest? Do you agree with LPina2mi?

Image courtesy of Bradley Sepos.


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