My reachers were tucked away, hardly used since my recovery from my second hip replacement. (A reacher is part of the required equipment for a hip replacement. For three months post-surgery, it is crucial that you don’t exceed ninety degrees when you bend over.)

We had barely settled into 2012, when I dislocated my hip; I have since learned that I will need another surgery to replace part of the prosthetic, which you can read about on Here I go. Again.

I initially purchased the longer reacher on the left, with the reasoning that because my length is in my legs, I’ll need the extra bit of reach to pick up whatever I’ve dropped. I forgot about science; namely that the longer the reacher, the greater the torque on the wrist. I discovered that a mechanical advantage isn’t one, especially if it isn’t optimally used.

The positive features of my shorter reacher include:

  • thicker grip
  • larger trigger
  • sturdier pinchers
  • more solid construction
  • hook at the end.

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For a more in-depth review of reachers, please check out Lene’s post. She has provided a link to a reacher that is the Porsche (“cadillac” is too cliché) of  all reachers.; one that is designed by people who understand the limitations of their intended customers. Did I mention that it comes in red? 🙂

7 Responses to “Reachers”

  1. as always, great tips for those of us facing surgeries! thanks.

  2. Hey! That’s a good idea for those with back problems also.

    Another multifunctional tip.


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