Dill Pickles

I had gone to the fridge, looking for something, that no matter how many times I looked, wasn’t there. Until I noticed the jar of dill pickles.

I’ve just discovered that a dill pickle can quell the desire for something sweet!

Next time your sweet tooth calls your name, try the dill pickle trick. Will you let me know how that works for you?


5 Responses to “Dill Pickles”

  1. OK so this is really weird. I started getting a side of pickles when I get my turkey sub (a very health one, no dressing, etc.) at Subway and I find that I don’t crave any type of sweet after my meal! May be the reason!

  2. Assuming you have managed to open it first….
    If the lid is stiff, that’s because of the vacuum inside from the packing. Hold the put and tap the lid against the side of the countertop, keep tapping all around until you hear the air release. Then it opens without much force.

    Enjoy the pickle.

  3. I usually eat the pickle, then have a bowl of ice cream after, so it doesn’t work for me. I could never open pickle jars once my hands got bad, but a friend, who has now passed on, made me a special opener. It’s two strips of 1 by lumber cut so that they form a V shape. Then he sliced a groove into the interior edge of the V and put some kind of metal teeth into it. My husband screwed it to the underside of my cabinet, and it will open anything. I can’t imagine what I’ll do if it ever falls apart and I can’t find someone to make me another one.


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