Pretty, Pretty . . . Nails

A thoughtful friend gave me a gift certificate to the nail salon, just in time for toe-barring season! When rheumatoid arthritis has its way, gnarled hands and feet often look far-from-pretty. A bit of pampering, when someone else gets at those hard to reach and attend to nails, is a delightful boost.

When you have prosthetics, it is important to minimize the risk of infection. You hope that the equipment at the nail salon is properly sterilized, but to be on the safe side, I bring all my nail accoutrements with me; nail files, clipper, cuticle trimmer and even a favourite shade of nail polish! (I don’t have to bring that toe separator; rheumatoid arthritis took care of that! Plus, with fused toes, it hurts to have the separator placed between my toes.)

I always bring my Birkenstocks so that my polish doesn’t get smudged. The esthetician had me put my shoes on first, then she applied the polish. Smart woman!

If the time for pampering has arrived, please visit Nan’s blog for her take on the subject.

Image courtesy of Ramzi Hashisho.

5 Responses to “Pretty, Pretty . . . Nails”

  1. The salon I go to she keeps my “tool” in a serperate bag as she does for each customer and I have watched her sterilize her equipment which is soooo important as you said. She also massages my feet and calf muscles and applies all kinds of lovely lotions, etc. so it is a real treat each time I go! money well spent or gift happily received!

  2. That reminds me of the salon my sister frequents. They sell a separate kit, designed for diabetics.


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