A Mouth Prop

On a recent visit to an oral surgeon to have two wisdom teeth extracted, I was introduced to a new dental appliance, one which I am recommending that my dentist use with me.

A mouth prop, similar to the one you see here, was used to keep my mouth open during the procedure. I was amazed at how the stress of keeping my jaw open was relieved; I could rest my teeth on the device, rather than strain my jaw muscles to keep my mouth open.

I think this will make longer dental procedures easier for anyone who has temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues, which is often one of the many areas targeted by rheumatoid arthritis.

Does your dentist use a mouth prop?

Image courtesy of Julia Freeman-Woolpert.


5 Responses to “A Mouth Prop”

  1. ooooh! Great idea! I’m sharing this madly!

  2. None of the dentists I have been to have used this. Great idea! How the heck did you find that?


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