Old Shoes and a Backwards Fall

I’m still recovering from a backwards fall I took several weeks ago.

As I review what happened, I’ve taken away two lessons.

I have an old pair of runners that I had to wear just one more time. The trails were wet and muddy and I didn’t want to get my new runners mucky. As you can see in the picture, the heel on one shoe has broken down. I believe that it contributed to my fall.

As I was backing up, I think the heel caught, causing me to take a backwards tumble.

Lesson 1: When your shoes are shot, shove them into the trash.

Lesson 2: Whenever possible, choose to step sideways or go forwards instead of backwards.

If you have run-down runners, please consider replacing them. You don’t need to add injury to your already over-burdened body.

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4 Comments to “Old Shoes and a Backwards Fall”

  1. good lesson. Sorry you had to learn it.

  2. Awful lesson learned the hard way…. Thank you for sharing it and may it be the last lesson you learn the hard way 🙂

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