RA and Father’s Day

Along with a short waist, brown eyes, dark, wavy hair and a certain degree of stubbornness, I inherited something else from my father.

Genes can increase the risk of rheumatoid arthritis, although other factors do come into play. RA doesn’t discriminate, and in my family, both my dad and my paternal grand-mother had it.

To read about the genetic link, please see the articles posted on Web MD and The National Institutes of Health websites.

For more information about how RA affects men, please see that inimitable RA Guy’s post entitled XY with RA


2 Comments to “RA and Father’s Day”

  1. My father’s side have a history of longevity. I hope that I haven’t inherited it. I would not like to do to my son what my father is doing to me. My two younger brothers and the youngest sister have all got arthritic knees. Inherited from my mother. I have been spared so far, but my necrosis of the femoral head has compensated for it.

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