#305 – Ball Launcher

A pet is a wonderful addition to your life.

However, a pet requires stimulation and exercise to help avoid the perils of anxiety. Sometimes, when the day is long and the arms are sore, a mechanical advantage is what is needed to keep your pet happy and you amused.

A birthday, a knock on the door, and two elves came bearing a gift that provided all that and more.

Maarten Meerman, that talented, creative and solution-oriented rocket-scientist did it again! Not only does he know how to build and launch rockets, but he is also proficient at building ball launchers that serve to train, entertain and maintain (joints), while you refrain from over-doing the ball throwing.

Do you want one of your own? Contact Maarten to see about building one for you.

Click here to see the ball launcher in action.

13 Responses to “#305 – Ball Launcher”

  1. That is very cool, i will have to see that.


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