#308 – Bah! to Pantyhose

Pantyhose. Made by a man. Torture for a woman. Especially if you have any sort of mobility issues or restrictions.

First, you have to decide which way is the front. Then, start scrunching, without causing a run. Next, carefully get one toe in. Gradually pull the stocking up the leg. If you’re successful , you get to do it again with the other leg. If not, you have to start all over again with a new pair. Bear in mind, that when you have hip restrictions, stepping in and pulling up may be contraindicated; you may end up violating that ninety degree rule.

My sister told me about Sally Hansen’s Air Brush Legs, which a number of her colleagues are using in lieu of pantyhose. Spray it on and  put an end to worrying about do-I-dare-go-bare-legged?

Fortunately, the right to bare legs is a more accepted practice out here on the West Coast of Canada, so the pantyhose question isn’t such an issue. That’s fine by me, on many counts, and especially since I don’t like to use a lot of chemicals, in, on or around me.

7 Responses to “#308 – Bah! to Pantyhose”

  1. Why can’t women just wear trousers instead of panty hoses?

  2. Pantyhose are evil. Back in the day where I worked in an office, I solved it another way. I wore pants all the time. No skirts or dresses, no need for the tool of Satan.


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