#315 – A Wooden Spoon and a Baby Car Seat

Image courtesy of Motion Design.

We were on an Auntie Date, but before the pièce de résistance (a visit to the pet store to see all manner of creatures – finned, furred and feathered), I needed to make a stop at the mall.

My niece, who was two years old at the time, was safely strapped into her car seat. She was so safe in that seat that no amount of pushing on that red eject button would release her from its clutches.

The entire Auntie Date was almost aborted had it not been for the fortuitous meeting of my friend—a friend whose hands were not ravaged by rheumatoid arthritis.

Fortunately, with the purchase of a wooden spoon, the day was saved. By using the blunt end of the wooden spoon, I was able to apply enough pressure to the button to release the seat belt.

Future Auntie Dates always included the wooden spoon. 🙂


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