#317 – From the Laundry Room to the Kitchen

This is a little trick I learned from my mom.

It worked so well, especially for “cranky” fingers, that I invested in a new basket of them.

I’ve found that clothes pins are often much easier to pinch open than the official bag sealers, at least the newer (more cheaply made?) ones. Plus, they’re more economical than some of the fancier bag sealers.

If you try it, please let me know what you think.

7 Responses to “#317 – From the Laundry Room to the Kitchen”

  1. They still make clothes pins? Haven’t seen these in years.

    Great idea!

    Those are really cute pins you found.

  2. The pink ones came from the Super Store. I’ve seen the other ones in the camping section of Canadian Tire. I don’t know whether they still carry them.
    Do you remember those wooden ones from long ago? They were well-made.The lobster-like pinch may be too tough for fragile fingers.


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