#322 – Pets and In Loco Parentis

You’re mobile. You enjoy looking after your dog, doing the things she needs to remain healthy, happy and secure. Then, a severe flare-up hits, or you’re off to the hospital for surgery, or some other event befalls you.

You may be increasing your stress level if you don’t have a contingency plan in place to look after your fur baby.  

Fortunately, I have several options open to me, in case of an event, planned or accidental. One option includes Chanone and Canine Harmony. Not only do they provide invaluable dog training classes, but they also do dog day care and boarding. Whenever Holly goes to Canine Harmony I know that she is well-looked after by people who have been trained by Chanone.

To consider:

  1. Is there someone who has a key who can come over and let your pet out and feed him/her?
  2. If you are going to be hospitalized, what arrangements can you make?
  3. If you are at home, but incapacitated, is it possible for your dog to go to daycare?
  4. Familiarize your pet with their temporary “home”. This let’s them know that you will be coming back for them.

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3 Responses to “#322 – Pets and In Loco Parentis”

  1. Thanks Marianna! I shared this on facebook – great post!


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