#329 – Made for T.V.

Image courtesy of Aribert Peters.

I was watching an episode of Love It or List It. This is a show where one person in the family unit wishes to move into a new home and the other wants to stay. The realtor and the designer each try to meet the must-have’s list of the appropriate person.

Mrs. Piccione has Lupus and as has some very specific accessibility needs which she wanted addressed in their existing home. Her husband, obviously concerned for her, wanted her needs met, but in a new home.

I was getting frustrated on behalf of Piccione family because it seemed that their requests were falling on deaf ears. I realize that this show is made for television, so it’s not an entirely accurate picture of reality; who knows how much extra drama is infused into the show! (Reality show = oxymoron.)

However, there are important lessons here for realtors, tradespeople or interior designers – anyone who is doing some home work on behalf of a client with specific, and perhaps peculiar needs. The first priority is to listen very carefully; the individual buying the house or contracting the work often has a very clear idea of what they need. Also keep in mind that someone who has a chronic condition, such as a form of autoimmune arthritis, can tire very quickly. Take the time to clarify in the beginning so that the job is completed in an expeditious manner.

This could an opportunity to have a work experience that is both challenging and creative. Your skills  may be tested and you may have to do some out-of-the-box thinking. In the end, hopefully you and your client will feel a deep sense of satisfaction for a job well done.


2 Comments to “#329 – Made for T.V.”

  1. I like that show but missed the episode you mention. I don’t think we could stand the stress of doing it, but I did send pictures in for Disaster Decks. It’s the only way to get action I think

    • Hi Annette,

      I’m not a fan of reality shows and don’t usually watch them. I think I was being helped along in my blogging efforts when I caught this episode. 🙂

      Did you ever hear anything back re. Disaster Decks? I’m unfamiliar with that show.

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