#342 – A Tidal Pool Encounter

On Hawaii 5 Ohhh! – Part 2, I listed five reasons why a change of scene is good for me. I neglected to mention that a chance encounter can breathe new life into an exercise routine.

We were swimming at Ahalanui Park, when I noticed an elderly woman doing arm resistance exercises with a unique piece of equipment.

Being curious (curiosity is a wonderful stress undresser!), I asked her where she got them. Not only did she explain how she had made them out of marine foam, but she also allowed me to take them for a test swooosh. I’m sorry that I didn’t get her name. I’ll just have to go back and find her! 🙂

They’re a great design for anyone who wishes to use water resistance to improve or maintain their strength. What is so brilliant about them is that unlike traditional foam dumbbells, these do not require you to hold/squeeze them as you exercise – you can keep your hands open and relaxed. If you have arthritic hands, you’ll know that holding or squeezing can cause further damage/pain to those tender joints.

Here is how I made my own:

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5 Responses to “#342 – A Tidal Pool Encounter”

  1. I wonder whether they are allowed in the Olympic swimming competition.


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