#348 – Hem and Aha!

My husband’s new pair of pants needed hemming. “Hmm, what’s an easy way to do this?”, I  wondered.

Since I can’t crouch down to pin the pant leg to the correct length, I found an alternative. I placed a step stool in front of my chair, then asked him to stand up on it. I could say something about a mountain and Mohammed, but I’ll save you from that. 🙂


2 Comments to “#348 – Hem and Aha!”

  1. Great idea for getting a “seamingly” job done by those with physical limitations.

    I “only” have a wee bit of arthritis in my right hand – doesn’t prevent me from doing that sort of work, but I send the pants (and the man, inbrhus case my father) to a local seamstress who is very good.

    For me it’s about the committment factor. My plate spilleth over already and so I choose not to take on one more thing.

    I know it’s not always feasible to farm out such tasks, but the more you can delegate, the less your stress will be.

    If finances are tight, see if you can “swap services”. For example, if you like to cook, offer to make them their favourite casserole or dessert dish in exchange for their help.

    Besides, I’ve always felt that it takes a (close knit) community to raise….. a community! 8)

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