#350 – Nurturing Nature

Spend some time alone in nature, without the distractions of your cell phone, PDA, iPod or iPad. When you go outside, you get outside of yourself. Consider it a welcomed break from those looping thoughts—you know the ones—the shoulda’, coulda’, maybe, perhaps, what if, what then . . . .

If you’re not close to the beach or the forest, find a park bench in a sunny square, or step into your yard. Use the time to connect, not only with nature, but with yourself.

Start with a few minutes and notice how you are feeling. Are you recycling the same old negative thoughts and feelings? Put the brakes on and choose to revel in the beauty of nature and all that is on offer – the sights, sounds and smells. How do you feel?

Take some time to appreciate your body for all it does for you, and it does a lot, even when you live with a chronic illness. Feel the beating power of your heart. Enjoy the gentle rhythm of your diaphragm as it transports oxygen to your cells.

Use the time to unhook, not only from your technology, but also from those thoughts that tend to lead you down the path to more of those thoughts.

Let nature nurture you.

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6 Responses to “#350 – Nurturing Nature”

  1. The sunshine is delicious today but needed to step in for while to say hi – ’cause I love this blog – and to share that this quote always puts things into perspective, for me: “I’ve never heard someone on their deathbed say, ‘I wish I’d gone to the office more!’ 🙂

    Ciao xx

  2. I try and do that at least once a day, but now with the domestic situation being somewhat dicey, I spend some time out in the veranda among my wet from rain plants and hear the birds.

  3. I walk daily no matter what the weather. I do take my cell phone because my border collie has been known to refuse to move after hearing thunder. She doesn’t care if we are two miles away from home. I do however, turn it off so I am not distracted. I often close my eyes as we walk and let the sun shine on my eyes. Walking allows me to come home with new thoughts and others that have left. I always say it is the best medicine I use for my RA.


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