#367 – Sail Correction

Windsurfing on Boulevard Lake.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of sailing or wind-surfing, you’ll know that part of the knowledge base you need to acquire is how to correct the sails to get you where you want to go.

Similarly with rheumatoid arthritis, only you’re correcting your sails to manage your disease – the medication, your appointments, your mobility, exercise, energy, the amount of sleep/rest you need, and my own personal favourite, your stress. Which, by the way, helps you better manage everything else.

7 Responses to “#367 – Sail Correction”

  1. funny, my post today is along the same lines. Great minds!

  2. I`m like a weather vane these days, or maybe a hummingbird. Don`t want to settle an anything

    • Both analogies are quite descriptive, Annette. Perhaps a bit of chaos theory is occurring – once you break through, you find you’ll settle on whatever you are supposed to be settling on.


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