#368 – Tired = Tree Trimming Trouble

xmastreeThis past weekend, I attended a tree trimming get-together.

The ratio was about 8 to 1  – for every 8 that made it on the tree, I dropped 1. Suffice to say that I am more than thankful that the baubles I handled were indestructible. (Thanks for being so understanding, Nancy.)

Those of you with arthritic hands know how ineffective your grip can be at the best of times. When fatigued, that extra pinching effort can make or break . . .  the trimming of the tree. (If you know someone who has rheumatoid arthritis, on behalf of all of us, our “pinchers” don’t work as well as we’d like, so a little understanding goes a long way.)

I took something home from this, though. The next night we put up our tree. I knew that many of our decorations would not survive a drop to the floor, so I made sure that I was well-rested.

I’m happy to report that no decorations were injured in the trimming of our tree.

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!

Whatever your holiday celebrations include, I hope that you are safe, healthy and secure. May you always have enough to eat, a warm place to sleep, friends and family to support you, and techniques and strategies to move you through the dark days and into the lighter ones.


4 Comments to “#368 – Tired = Tree Trimming Trouble”

  1. So glad that your tree and you both had a restful but festive time. Beth

  2. We’ll be putting the knitted and unbreakable ornaments on the bottom because we have a 2 year old and 4 year old coming to visit.

    The yak and the yeti still hold up well. I need to take photographs of my favourites. Maybe one year I will draw a tree and put the pictures on it lol. That might really happen. Have a wonderful; christmas Marianna

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