#369 – A Snow Shovel of Trouble

mariannasnow3Fortunately, I now live in an area that rarely gets blanketed in snow, so shovelling is not something with which I have to contend. However, I can’t help but draw a similarity between a serving spoon and a snow shovel.

For someone with rheumatoid arthritis, something as innocuous as a basting spoon can present the same sort of challenge an able-bodied person may have with a shovel, mounded with heavy, wet snow. Wrists and hands that are ravaged by rheumatoid arthritis become weak; the joints are not providing the necessary support to assist in the work.

Here is a last minute gift suggestion: If you know that your neighbour, friend or family member has rheumatoid arthritis, consider helping them out this winter, if you are able to do so. Surprise them by clearing the snow from their sidewalk and/or driveway, or provide a gift certificate to a snow cleaning service. Perhaps there is a kid in the neighbourhood who is looking to make some extra money.

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