#393 – Say, “What!”

Take a look at this picture, and tell me what your first thoughts were:


Car key and hearing aid remote.

Of course, you can’t fully appreciate—I use that term lightly, because that’s about all that is light—the weight and size of the remote for my hearing aids.

One of the things I regularly do is to minimize the weight of the things I normally carry around because it all adds to the strain on joints that are already protesting. I consider the weight of my purse, the contents of it; I even streamline the number of keys I carry with me.

Pictured on the right, is the remote for my hearing aids. When it was first taken of the box, I think my jaw dropped. The hearing specialist I saw was quick to find a solution for me; she programmed 5 levels into my hearing aid just so I didn’t need to carry around that way-too-large remote.

It doesn’t matter which company you source out, the remotes are all about the same size. Tsk! Tsk! They can certainly do better.

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