#403 – Fake it til you make-up, or…

magglasses…looking good when you feel bad.

Sometimes, the smallest things can bring about some big changes. Much like a small rock in the middle of a stream can begin to divert the path that the stream takes.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I know that when I put on my face, I look a bit better. I begin to feel a bit better, too.

Unless you have a makeup artist, or a teenager 🙂 , in your home, you have to do your own make-up. If your vision is less-than-ideal, you may have trouble seeing where to put what.

These magnifying make-up glasses are perfect for  tweezing, as well as for putting makeup on in the right spots.

What are some of the small things you can do to start feeling a little better?  Don’t discount them. Remember that those small things trigger a cascade of chemicals that can begin to change how you feel.


4 Comments to “#403 – Fake it til you make-up, or…”

  1. Those glasses are a great idea!

    Get washed and dressed instead of spending the day in your PJs helps.

    Try and go outside at least for a few minutes to get some fresh air.

  2. I’ve switched to post earrings that I can sleep in. I hate fighting with the backs of my earrings with my stiff and swollen morning fingers.

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