#410 – Readers’ Roundup of Resources 3

It’s been a year since I’ve done a roundup. Giddy on up and check out what my savvy readers have to say.

Grannymar shares an Irish speed bump tip on  Speed Bumps. She also has some wonderful in-a-pinch advice for icy streets, found on Grip, Don’t Slip.

On Sitting Still Stiffens Self, Woven Songs has recommended a Sit-to-Stand desk. Also, if you’re looking for a hoola-hoop, she provides the name of someone who makes them, on Hoopin’ it Up!

Dorlee M. provides a valuable link to getting things done on Just Ten Minutes. Have you incorporated some of those suggestions?

S. Emerson gives us a recipe to add that garlic flavour when the real deal is not squeezable on Garlic: The Bulk Squeeze. Along the food lines, a supportive comment was added about how to adjust your tastebuds on How Is Your Bread Buttered?

On But You’re So Young, Beth Havey shared an anecdote about her friend Barbara, who effectively used meditation to help manage her RA. She also provides us with another suggestion on Red Light – Health Break. A pragmatic look at footwear on U.B.U. – Ugly but Useful.

Grannymar, who regularly posts recipes on her blog, shares a simple way to enjoy garlic on Garlic: The Bulk Squeeze.

Lene adds value to Infectious Idea.

Nancy reminds us that it is important to laugh at ourselves with her anecdote on Laughing . . . at Myself.

3 Comments to “#410 – Readers’ Roundup of Resources 3”

  1. lovely post filled with sage advice! thanks. Nan

  2. I have to check out these great pieces of advice, Marianna 🙂

    Also, many thanks for your kind mention.

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