#411 – See It, Fit It


This trick helped me get into this dress.

Do you have an item of clothing tucked way back into the nether regions of your closet? One that you hope to be able to fit into “one day”?

Take that one item out of hiding, and hang it where you can see it. Or take a picture of it, make several copies, then display them around your home.

Out of sight is out of mind, and out of mind means that you are less likely to remember that goal, regardless of whether it is a goal for fashion, fitness or some other area of your life.

With so many things vying for our attention, we can “forget” to focus on what we desire. A visual reminder helps.

Speaking of fashion, please enter my giveaway for a leather wristlet, courtesy of Danier. This one is open to people with a Canadian mailing address.


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