#421 – Readers’ Roundup of Resources 4

I have some catching up, and sharing to do, so here goes:

Readers share their favourite swimming spots on What Suits You – A Giveaway. Perhaps you want to add them to your Life List. 🙂

Kia shares a recipe for Sunday Potatoes on “Peel Potatoes, Peel Potatoes“.

On La Passeggiata, Harmony shares her European tradition. Have you implemented a version of this? She shares some kitchen tips on Egg Slicer Finds a New Job.

S. Emerson has us thinking stitches with this tip on “Infoamed” Decision. Check out some multi-purposing tips on Egg Slicer Finds a New Job.

A tap, a hiss, and enjoy! Thanks to Maarten‘s suggestion on Dill Pickles.

On Elevator Educator, Dorlee M. offers a link for an organization that does advocacy on behalf of Canadians with Disabilities. Kia expresses her surprise at the lack of a ramp at a hotel that is rampless. Perhaps they need to review Open for Business.


One Comment to “#421 – Readers’ Roundup of Resources 4”

  1. Just tap gently, don’t break the glass.
    Reminds me, I’m out of pickles.

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