#438 – Avoid this bathroom reno mistake

shower stallSometimes you end up making a decision which sounds (and looks) good at the time. Ten years later you’re cursing. At least I am.

When we did a renovation to the ensuite bathroom, I chose to put tiles in the shower stall. Big mistake for someone who has trouble scrubbing a flat surface.

The grout, which looked so good in the beginning, is now proving to be a battleground. “Mildew and mold appear to be forever gaining,” I exclaim, as I choke on the fumes of the latest and greatest cleaning product. Tools such as this help, but extra force is needed to keep the grout clean.

If I had it to do over again, I would choose a prefabricated shower stall. Either that, or bring in daily staff. Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice? 🙂


One Comment to “#438 – Avoid this bathroom reno mistake”

  1. My Mom is having the same issues with her tiled shower.

    Have you tried something like Scrubbing Bubbles as a maintenance alternative? Haven’t tried it myself but a thought.

    Maybe a less toxic solution would be a homemade shower cleaner like this recipe? http://www.simpleorganizedliving.com/2012/02/01/homemade-shower-cleaner/

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