#441 – Readers’ Roundup of Resources 5

I have the best visitors! Thanks for adding value to ART.

On #307 – Drinking Fountains, Oceanesque introduces us to the merits of water bottle refill stations.

Nancy Glover reminds us to grab some envelopes to use at those poorly-designed bank machines on #312 – Too Well Enveloped.

On #316 – From Chopin and Beyond – Part 2, Elle Andra-Warner and Casper McFadden  share some inspirational thoughts. What inspires you? (If you have trouble answering that question, you would benefit from some stress undressing techniques. It’s amazing what a balanced nervous system does for your sense of well-being.)

Dorlee M. gets inventive on #349 – Exam Time. On #340 – Vacuums that Suck, she muses about the efficacy of a robot vacuum. Any opinions?

A cultural difference is shared by Ramana on #347 – Dining Out. Then on #344 – No Need To Apologize, he expresses a concern that is a reality for many caregivers.

On #355 – Levelling the Seating Field, Kia tells us that sometimes it’s worth paying a bit extra.

Annette imparts some good advice on #352 – Knives.

Casper McFadden gets today’s last word with a quote that you’ve heard many times. You’ll find it on #350 – Nurturing Nature.


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