#443 – A Virtual Visit and an E-Book Giveaway

If you’re like me, you  get joy from crossing things off your list, regardless of what type of list it is. On Forget the Bucket List, Make a Life List, Lene expresses her satisfaction at doing and crossing off a project she had on her Life List. It is a lofty one, too. I am in awe of her chef d’oeuvre. Well done, Lene!

I have invited Lene, and Lucy, too, to spend some virtual time here with you. She shares her hopes for Your Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Scroll down to the end where you can find out how to enter the giveaway for an e-book copy of Your Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis: Tools for Managing Treatment, Side Effects and Pain.

Note: you don’t necessarily have to have an e-reader; you can also read an e-book on your computer or phone. Also, for those who are interested, Lene will be launching a paperback version in the near future.

How to Enter and Rules:

1. To enter the giveaway, answer one of the following questions by clicking the green Comment link, below:

  • The project that I am most proud of is  ____________ .This project can be big or small, personal or public. Don’t get caught up in comparatitis; the purpose of this question is to recall how you felt when you accomplished something. When you do this on a regular basis it will help turn off the taps to the cascade of stress chemicals. 
  • In the Foreword, Lene’s couch is _______?
  • Lucy sleeps on the __________?
  • The book is called Your Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis: Tools for Managing Treatment, ________ and Pain.

2. Entries must be received by midnight PDT, on Sunday, April 21st 2013.

3. This contest is wide open to residents of planet Earth!

4. On Twitter? For an extra entry share the following: I just entered a #giveaway from @AuntieStress, courtesy of @TheSeatedView – http://wp.me/p1OifR-1ZE.

5. Here are two more ways to earn extra entries. Make your way over to my Pinterest Board called “Giveaways“. Click “Comment” and leave one . (If you repin it, you’ll get another entry. Just leave a comment here, providing me with the link to where you pinned it on your Pinterest Board.)

6. One winning entrant will be drawn from a hat. You will be notified via email. Your name will appear here, on Twitter and on Pinterest.

13 Comments to “#443 – A Virtual Visit and an E-Book Giveaway”

  1. The project that I am most proud of is completing my Master’s Degree in English Literature..

  2. Lene, your “snarling defiance” is a beacon to us all. Good luck with your book tour and all its side effects 🙂

  3. The project that I’m most proud of is still working supporting my family I can’t afford to let the RA win and praising God through the pain.

  4. Lucy sleeps on the microwave, but I won’t enter the contest because I have a copy on my reader now. I hate not to enter a contest but I can manage. All the best Lene and Marianna

  5. The project I am most proud of would have to be my kids!

  6. Shared on twitter too!

  7. Congratulations, Dawn! You are the winner of the giveaway for a copy of Your Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

  8. Thank you to Gillian and Scotty for taking the time to enter, and to Kathrin and Annette for your comments.

  9. Thanks to everyone for entering! You should all be very proud of your accomplishments. Congrats to Dawn as the winner!

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