#451 – Radishes lead to nutritional data


There they were – bright red globes of radishes that enticed me to drop them into the shopping basket.

When I got home, I wondered about the nutritional value of radishes, so I did a Google search. I landed on this page – Self Nutrition Data, which allows you to search for a particular food item. In addition to the regular nutrition facts, it also gives you a Glycemic Index (G.I.) rating and an Inflammation Factor.

In case you want to know, radishes are mildly anti-inflammatory.

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2 Comments to “#451 – Radishes lead to nutritional data”

  1. I participate in my local CSA, and so seasonal fresh produce is a huge part of my diet. Radishes can be used for more than just salads – try them as a “chip” substitute when snacking on hummus or other spreads and dips. They are also really tasty cooked! Here’s a fun recipe to try, my friend’s young kids love this one … http://blackdirtrecipes.wordpress.com/2011/06/21/glazed-radishes/

  2. Thanks for stopping by and adding some more eat-your-veggies suggestions.

    Although not to my taste, II recently came across a similar recipe here: http://www.chatelaine.com/recipes/chatelainekitchen/butter-dipped-radishes/

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